Superbaby 2!

Back when Desmond was a wee bairn we made a Superbaby video. Here's the sequel, and a great way to stop him from crying.

The Last of the 9 Month Photos

Extreme closeups = extreme adorableness!
(Said in the voice of Toki from Metalocalypse.)

Do You Think I'm Some Kinda Clown?

We thought it was super hilarious when he started laughing like this. The secret of what Sara was doing to make him giggle maniacally remains a mystery.

9 Month Miscellany

A cheesy good-morning grin

In the park with Grandma Lynne

The boy and the bubble

Swinging on a sunny afternoon

Practicing good hygiene

We're Going Mobile

Last video we had showed Desmond crawling. Here's some more action video.

The Piano Man

Getting his chicken on

Another serving of chicken

Back to Business

So last time I said I would post 10 times in a row, and I think I only made it to 8. I'll try to do better this time. My goal is to be caught up in about 2 weeks... will it happen? Anyone care to place a bet?

Here are some photos of Desmond, Ron and me in our "backyard," which is really just a dirt parking lot with some pretty ivy on the walls. They were taken on July 4th, when D was about 9 months old. The last photo is all of us in the car, though you can't really see D 'cause he's in his carseat. Still, cute photos of mommy and daddy are a rarity these days, so I've included it.