I Want To Break Free

Thwarted by a door latch.Enjoying confinement (ever so briefly) in the exersaucer.
A favorite book.
Standing tall.

Chabot Space & Science Center

A few weeks ago Kendra, Gage and Scout came to visit. We went to Chabot Space and Science Center in the Oakland Hills. It was a really nice museum with well-designed exhibits, a sweet planetarium and a not-t00-terribly-expensive snack bar. Desmond primarily enjoyed chewing on the exhibit brochure. A good time was had by all!

Video Ketchup

When last we saw our little hero, he was just starting to eat cereal and had the pre-crawl blues. This first video is right after that time. He was about 6 months old and liked to be stood up in his crib...sort of.

He also had a favorite trick that he liked to play in his crib.

Finally, the pre-crawl blues gave way to an obsession to find shoes. SHOES!

At this point we thought he was going to remain horizontal for the rest of his life. We were sooo wrong. This is one of his first vertical moments.

The Penguin

Tanya got this for Desmond. It's a penguin humidifier. It kinda looks like he just took a big drag on a cigarette. Smoking penguin... I love it.

Baby Food

I made homemade baby food a few weeks ago, using fresh apricots, peaches, and yams from the farmer's market. I also made some prune puree using Newman's Own organic prunes. I mention all of this simply so that you will all know that I am the mother of the year and will bow down as I approach. I plan to teach a class at the Learning Annex called "Oh Yes, My Child, He's Very Advanced - Tips and Techniques for Making Other Parents Feel Inadequate."

What's that you say? Desmond's sippy cup is NOT BPA free? Well, but I... damn.

I know

Yes yes, we've been very negligent in our posting. I have no excuse, since our wireless router thingy has been fixed and the desktop is back in action. So, without further ado, let me make it up to you.

Des loves this suitcase. He uses is to stand up and pushes it around from room to room. One day I discovered him perched atop it. Not terribly safe, but terribly cute.

Extreme close up, and still adorable! The finger chewing and drooling really picked up in recent weeks, followed by lots of irritability and intermittent crying jags. "he's teething," people said. Problem was, people (including us) have been saying that for the past 4 months. Just last week, 2 teeth finally emerged, and from the look of his gums, more will follow soon. I've tried to get a picture, but he does not like me poking around is his mouth. This is the best I can do... for now.

A glimpse into the future:
"Desmond, have you seen the Victoria's Secret catalog?"
"Huh? What?"
"The underwear catalog with the half-naked women - have you seen it?"
"No. NO! Leave me alone! God!"
"What's this then? And why is it all ripped to shreds? What were you doing to it??"
"I hate you! Leave me alone!"
(Door slams, stereo turns up full blast.)

We got a new sofa. It's orange and leather, which makes it awesome. It came in a LOT of packing material, which was Desmond's favorite part. Don't you think this photo would make an excellent recycling campaign poster? "Don't throw out those noxious packaging bits! Let your small child play with them! If he manages to not suffocate, you may then smugly place them in the recycling bin."

Avast, ye scurvy dogs! Hand over yer pureed peas, lest I keelhaul ya! Yar.

Baaaaaadd Azzzzzzzzzzzz

This was crafted by someone I will call "The Dude." Love it.