Excuse me, sir?

Sir? You've got a little - ahem - a little something stuck to the bottom of your shoe there, ha ha, happens to the best of us, just one of those days, am I right?

What's that? You meant to do that? Oh. I see. Well, I'd best be going. The wife's waiting for me, and... OK then.

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

On a trip to the park in early July, Desmond got to try out his friend Sophia's tricycle. It was a very fancy one, and he love love loved it. (He may not look especially thrilled in the photos, but that's just because riding one's first tricycle takes a good deal of concentrated effort, as well as an occasional handlebar gnawing.)

Sophia's mom Julie was even kind enough to videotape the momentous occasion for posterity.


So we hear this whimpering coming from the dining room, and this is what we found. Desmond had crawled up under his exersaucer and tried to stand up, thereby trapping himself in the turned-up seat. He couldn't find a way out of this predicament, so he eyed us sorrowfully from his leghole. He was clearly hoping that we, his loving and nurturing parents, would promptly save him. Being the evil bastards that we are, we went and got the camera instead.

The Life of Desmond Riley Gets Wordle'd

June Bug

Chewin' on a CD. So punk rock.Showing off his new teeth and his new Obama t-shirt.

Angora Lakes

During our weekend in Tahoe we took D to Angora Lakes. My dad has a funny story he likes to tell about seeing some girls laying out topless there back in the day. Anyhoo, these lakes are just about the most gorgeous mountain lakes you've ever seen, and the little shop up there sells lemonade so good, I crave it every summer. Desmond was a bit cranky while we were there, but I'm sure on some level he appreciated the beauty and grandeur of the place. He did seem to enjoy chewing on some twigs. So there you go.

Tahoe in June

We took the boy to Tahoe for the weekend. It was an exhausting few days, since D seemed to think that no crib = no sleep. Still, the weather was nice and we got to go to some of our favorite places, like the Visitor's Center and Angora lakes. Desmond got to dip his toes in the lake for the first time. The water was freezing, but he didn't seem to mind.

Bad! Bad! Bad!

We've been bad parents. It's been nearly a month since we last posted anything to this blog. This is not fair to you, as you have missed out on some truly fabulous moments in the life of Desmond. But never fear, I shall catch you up! I hereby swear to post for the next 10 days straight, sharing with you exciting moments involving such things as teeth, lakes, camping trips, toilet paper, swings, toothbrushes, boxes, baths, rock climbing, tricycles, solid foods... and so much more! Hang onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen! Away we go!