Desmond's Birthday

This is the first catch up post.

Desmond had three birthday parties in October. You've got to do it up for your first birthday, right? The first was at Aunt Patty and Uncle Kendall's.

The second was a joint birthday party with his cousins Devin and Ethan in LA.

Desmond cried and refused to eat his cake when everyone sang to him. Poor little muggle.

Doing that thing he does with Uncle James.

Wrestling with grandma.

Then his final birthday party was at the Berkeley Aquatic Park.

Joe and Mini were there.

Jessie, Caleb and Izzy made a surprise drive by appearance.

David, Brendan and Amber saved daddy's life by loaning him a jacket.

Mary and Michael brought the British flavor.

There were balloons!

And Heather and Myles represented Oakland...until Myles threw up all over mommy and had to go home.

And the day finally ended with lots of presents...but the DVD player was the hit for the evening. Go figure.

Happy birthday, little Desmoid!