Jana and Larry

Jana and Larry came to see us on their way to Puerto Vallarta, which was really nice of them, because not many people will voluntarily add a layover to their vacation. We picked them up from SFO and had just enough time to eat lunch at Max's in Burlingame before we had to return them to the airport. Jana was in love with Desmond, and I think he was pretty tickled with her as well. (He also seemed enamored with the spoons.)

I wish we had had more time to talk and hang out before they had to go - though we're thinking we might take a road trip up to Oregon this summer to see them. A little camping in the redwoods, a little hiking in Corvallis, a little coffee drinking in Portland... could be fun!
A kiss from Auntie
A new toy, christened with drool

Cute Overload

Nothing new to report - so I present you with evidence of Desmond's latest cuteness.

Funny face
Mmmm, sweet potatoes.
Just 'cause it's in your mouth doesn't make it polite.
Sweet potato stuporMmmm, blanket.

A New Set of Nicknames

Here are some new nicknames for Desmond:

Droolio Jones
Droolio Disgracias
Shakey Weinie Wobble Balls

Lean Mean Eating Machine

Desmond eats his first solids! Mmmmmm....ceeeereaaaal.

Ready to Roam

This was four weeks ago...

And this was about a week ago. Gentlemen, start your engines!

The Tennis Pro

Desmond has this sweet outfit.
All that was missing was a sweatband and a mustache.
Very Richie Tenenbaum, no?

The Little Executive

Desmond enjoyed his stay at the Four Seasons in Houston.

Desmond's First Plane Ride

Desmond did great on the plane. On the way to Houston, he charmed everyone with lots of smiles and zero tears. It helped that all the people in our immediate vicinity were baby-friendly. We had been told by knowledgeable parent-types to nurse him upon takeoff and landing to help his ears adjust to the pressure, which we did, and I think it helped. I was hoping that the loud, monotonous drone and vibrations of the plane would put him right to sleep, but no. He didn't sleep a wink, just bopped around all keyed up until we landed. He wore us out, but in a happy cute way.

The return flight was a bit more eventful. Desmond fussed for a while, then slept for nearly 2 hours. I thought we were having an incredible bit of luck, but then he woke up and squealed for 2 hours. He wasn't crying exactly, he was just... enjoying the sound of his own voice? We thought it was kind of funny, but 'm not sure if everyone else on the plane would have agreed.

All in all, a successful first foray into the wider world.

Trip to Houston

We've been negligent in our posting lately, but we have an excuse - Ron was sent to Houston on business, and Desmond and I decided to tag along. We flew out on Saturday (Desmond was a champ - lots of flirting and squealing, but no crying). That night we had dinner with a bunch of our favorite folks at La Mexicana. Everyone oohed and aahed over Desmond and ate lots of chips, queso and tacos. After dinner Ron was kind enough to take Desmond back to the hotel and I got to go out to The Harp with the gang. I actually drank TWO alcoholic beverages - madness! We gossiped and made fun of the unfortunate wannabe-hipster-but-not-quite-getting-it outfits of a few of the patrons. Yes, I'm a mean drunk. But mean in a funny way.

On Sunday, we ordered room service like fancy people do, hung out with Catlin and went out to dinner at a place called "Beavers" (not making it up, no) with Keith and Kelly. On Monday, Ron had to work, but Catlin was dear enough to have Des and I over for gingerbread pancakes. Later we went to my old school to show off the babe, then over to Kelly's house to play with Neavey. Sidenote: Keith and Kelly have a lovely 4 bedroom house in a cute neighborhood where kids play outside and the schools are "exemplary." It's sad to think that in Houston, Ron and I could probably afford something similar, but here in the Bay Area we have enough to buy, oh, a teeny tiny 2 bedroom condo that hasn't been updated since 1983 in an "up and coming" neighborhood zoned to horrific schools. Sigh. We love it here, but...

We flew home Tuesday, and the flight was slightly more eventful - Desmond was a bit fussy. Not screaming and freaking out, but just consistently fussy. It was certainly manageable, but I don't know how I'd feel about a longer flight.

Worst part of the trip: I was having a crazy allergy attack the entire time we were there and felt like my head was going to explode. Best part: seeing all the old peeps. Catlin, Sandra, Jenn H., Jenn B., Michele, Elsa, Kelly, Keith, Neavey, Karima, Melanie, Ms. Gatson - I miss them a lot.

Some pictures of Desmond with his Houston pals:

With Auntie Catlin at the Four Seasons
With Keith and Kelly at Beavers
With Sandra at Rucker
With Elsa at Rucker
With Neavey at Keith and Kelly's house